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As part of the initial Zune creative group, I was involved in the genesis of the overall brand direction, the user experience design, the product design, UI design as well as the web and social experiences.

The initial effort before launch was 8 months of critical thinking, user experience testing, analysis and design. We focused on the brand, the product ecosystem and overall product offerings. Our goal was to create an experience to rival that of the Apple iPod.

We were the first in this space to offer an online social music community, wi-fi files transfer between devices, a music subscription service and portable music profiles that served as calling cards that could be embedded in sites around the web; they were like business cards with your identity, your musical tastes which others could browse and that you could customize.

I was involved in two generations of the Zune MPG player and despite its inability to overtake the iPod my time was full of tremendous learnings and personal success that I am still proud of today.