Starbucks Blonde Roast

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Creative Lead

As part of the release of the new Blonde Roast, Starbucks was looking for a way to tell their coffee spectrum story and get people to explore and discover their favorite roast.

In concert with a three day tasting promotion we created the paid media for each roast in the spectrum, the landing experience and social amplification.

The experience exposed you to the differences of each roast, underscoring the roast spectrum and allowed you to explore each roast in more detail. It also let you see what people were saying about each roast and vote and share the roast you loved most with your Facebook family and friends. All of the awareness, engagement and sharing was made stronger by the real life tasting event at your local Starbucks.

The experience created a high interest in the Blonde roast because communication was clear and participation was easy.

The three day event was incredibly successful and Blonde roast is now a new favorite for many.