Levi’s 2013 Site Design

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Creative Lead

Levi’s came to us to help them redesign their online experience in accord with their new brand vision. They wanted an experience that was not only modern, emotional and intelligent but which was also easy for their customers to shop and explore.

We also had to come up with a solution to accomodate the monthly updates the Levi’s team would be doing and ensure the site design and architecture had the flexibility to deliver a multitude of various marketing messages and seasonal content.

To begin we executed a discovery, define and design process; analyzing the brand, interviewing the Levi’s team, understanding their needs, the pain points of their current design and how to help their business grow.

The project was a full scale effort of content strategy, feature sets, wireframes, user experience journeys, design and technological development.

The site was successful and the client was incredibly happy at every phase of the project.