Danone Activia

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Creative Lead

Danone Activia is a brand that has developed an image among consumers as an old person’s yogurt for upset stomachs. This was constraining the brand, so they asked us to help shift perception and grow loyalty.

I worked closely with the strategy team to develop a brand position and communication strategy that shifted Activia yogurt to an always on and actively working yogurt that keeps you your best–Not just a probiotic solution for stomach aches.

We designed the site experience to deliver this message as a holistic and daily part of keeping your system running its best and provided customers with interesting facts that debunked the myths around probiotics, stomach discomfort and the importance of your digestive system role in your overall health.

To enhance our connection with our customers we also created Wellness tools, Breakfast Ideas, Community resources and a personalized Wellness tracker to help improve health and meet your wellness goals.