Microsoft Developers Rock

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Microsoft was looking for a new way to get the attention of developers and convince them to build new applications on their various platforms. The Devs Rock Contest was pitch work we produced for Microsoft to help them meet this objective.

The idea was based on the insight that Developers today are the new rockstars of our culture because they influence so many aspects of life. A smart developer with an incredible idea is going to shape the future and we wanted to acknowledge and celebrate this fact.

The Devs Rock contest idea challenged developers to show us their stuff and prove to the world and their peers that they deserved the title of Dev Rockstar and all the glory that came with he contest. The site experience was a collection of app ideas that Microsoft needed help building as well as an open submission area for new ideas.

Developers would get points, support, money, and ultimately prizes based on the number of ideas submitted, completed projects, advice given to peers and the strength of their ideas. The site would become a living breathing community of Microsoft supported developers with the winning developers being flown across the country like Rockstars to appear at technology conferences to share their brilliance.