Levi’s Fall 2012 iAD

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Creative Lead

As part of the ¬†Fall 2012 media buy, the Levi’s team asked us to create an iAD that would highlight the Fall Collection in an immersive, exploratory and fun way. The intent was to get customers to engage with the collection to learn more about the diverse set of products Levi’s was offering for fall.

Our approach was to create an in-studio fashion show that was part video and part stop-motion action that customers could explore in different ways. They could move from model to model learning about the different fashions for the Fall which included Dresses, the Commuter line, Sta-Prest line, Duck and Denim, and Bootcut Skinny. Then explore the selection within each of these fashions.

We also designed a unique interaction experience for each model using a different iPad gestures for each. The execution allowed you to twirl the Dresses model, take the Commuter model on a bicycle ride, spin the Sta-prest model using a record player, shoot photographs of the Bootcut Skinny model and take the Duck and Denim model for a walk.

Engagement with the ad was high, with customers spending on average two and half minutes with the experience.